Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Welcome to American Prison Consultants

American Prison Consultants Mission

American Prison Consultants mission is to help clients convicted and sentenced in U.S. District Court obtain early releases from Federal Prison, along with coaching those going through the court process and will be self surrendering into the Federal Bureau of Prisons System.

Who Is American Prison Consultants

Our team of retired Federal BOP staff and former federal inmates is directed by Larry Levine, a Certified Professional Life Coach and former inmate, who served a 10-year Federal sentence at 11 prisons of multiple custody levels. Our staff has extensive knowledge of Federal laws, the Federal court process, along with the policies and inner workings of the BOP.

How American Prison Consultants Can Help

We know and understand these are trying times and will be with you and your family every step of the way with important information as to what you’re facing, and assist you in taking advantage of inmate early release programs that can substantially reduce the time you spend in custody and ensure you have answers to all your questions and get you back to your loved ones as quickly as possible.

Having knowledge about prison policies, gangs, staff interactions, and basic politics surrounding incarceration are the keys to inmates surviving successfully behind the fence and returning home safely.


Defendants charged with crimes are often confused listening to family members’ and other’s opinions about what will happen to them, and whether hiring a prison consultant is helpful at all! While everyone has opinions…are they qualified opinions?

Once sentenced, it’s the defendant whose freedom and safety are in danger, with everyone else’s well-meaning opinion being worthless! When involved in a criminal case, Knowledge is Key, and hiring a prison consultant with several years of custody experience who has FACTS, instead of opinions, can be the difference in Early Release, and spending unnecessary time in custody.

Federal Criminal Case Reviews

We carefully review Indictments and Plea Agreements for inaccuracies and explain the criminal statutes defendants are charged with while making sure the charges and monetary losses presented are accurate. inaccurate charges could lead to a defendant being sentenced to additional time in custody or monetary fines or restitution.

Cares Act First Step Act Releases

We will create BOP Administrative Remedies using the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) own policies requesting pursuant to the Cares Act, the Second Chance Act, and the First Step Act that defendants are awarded additional Community Custody time and released to a Halfway House or Home Confinement.

RDAP Qualification Early Releases

Non-violent offenders with substance abuse issues may qualify for the (RDAP) Residential Drug Abuse Program, and receive 12-months early release and 6 months of home confinement at the end of their sentence. Qualifying defendants must have a history of substance/alcohol abuse 1 year prior to arrest.

Prison Designation & Survival

A concern of Defendants going to Federal prison is where, and what kind of prison (Minimum Security Camp, FCI, USP) they’ll serve time at, with family visits being the main concern. We are experts and can position Defendants for a favorable institutional designation to a prison closest to their home geographically desirable.