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If you’re reading this, you’re probably in serious trouble! Your home or business may have already been raided, and you were arrested and you’re out on Bond. Or you’ve been served with a target letter or federal indictment, and face felony federal charges for suspicion of committing fraud or another white collar crime, or possibly criminal charges related to drug trafficking, narcotics distribution or child pornography.

Be aware, life as you know has changed! You now face criminal prosecution by the US Dept. of Justice, criminal investigation by the FBI, DEA, IRS, Secret Service or Homeland Security, seizure of your assets, fines, a felony conviction, and scariest of all……incarceration in the Federal Bureau of Prison.


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I’m Larry Levine, a former 10 year federal inmate, and founder of American Prison Consultants. I lead a Prison Consultant legal aid team of experienced ex inmates, and retired Federal Bureau of Prisons senior custody staff and psychology officials.

We have extensive knowledge of Federal Criminal Law, and inner workings of the Federal Bureau of Prison and Criminal Justice System, and we’re here to HELP YOU!


American Prison Consultants Can Help!

American Prison Consultants specializes in providing guidance and sentence reduction assistance to defendants facing charges for violations of federal laws and criminal offenses in the U.S. Federal Court System; to those awaiting sentencing to the Federal Bureau of Prisons or designation to a federal prison camp or correctional institution; and to those already in Federal Custody whose rights are being violated by the BOP!

Like many of our clients, you’re probably thoroughly confused by what lawyers and others are telling you. Everyone has an opinion: spouses, family members, friends. But are they qualified opinions? When fighting a criminal case against the Feds, KNOWLEDGE is the key to making decisions that can seriously affect your future.


Our service can quickly teach you, simple step-by-step explanations of the court and trial process, criminal law, Federal Sentencing Guidelines, or ramifications of a criminal trial versus taking a plea agreement. Essentially, you’ll become somewhat “Legal Savvy” overnight, and be empowered to make educated decisions if your lawyer is really steering you in the right direction.

While there’s no shortage of public defenders, legal aid and attorneys to fight federal charges, when it comes time to enter prison, an attorney’s knowledge ends at the prison gate. If you’re concerned, and the thought of going to prison scares you, you’re not alone.

Federal Prison Survival

Prisons are dangerous places, and having knowledge about Federal Bureau of Prisons policies, and understanding the politics and dangers of prison life, are the keys to surviving successfully on the inside and coming home safely alive! Let us guide you, so you can maximize your time on the inside and serve your prison term successfully and avoid the many issues new incarcerated inmates face.

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TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. If you’re getting ready to meet with pre-trial services for your PSR, CALL US FIRST and you’ll thank us later, or if you just need some answers, I invite you to examine our website which is currently being redesigned. Feel free to call us at anytime at 888-558-2151. At American Prison Consultants, WE’RE HERE TO HELP

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